Jesús Aguirre Panamá was the first owner of this farm, which he acquired during the year 1874. He started planting sugarcane to produce crystallized sugar known as “panela” (brown sugar loaf), corn, beans, and tobacco. Around 1900 he started the planting and production of COFFEE, and called the farm EL INJERTO, as ‘injerto’ is the name of a fruit native to the area.

At present the farm is managed by the third and fourth generation of the Aguirre family, who have worked the farm since 1956, when production was approximately three hundred (300) bags of parchment coffee. Now they continue working with the same mission, to produce specialty coffee; maintaining agricultural practices friendly to the environment and focusing in entrepreneurial social responsibility to achieve a new farm management manner, economically viable for all parties involved.

After all this years we have specialized ourselves in producing high quality coffee, to be able to do this we have invested a lot in investigation, technology and education.


To produce a special gourmet coffee under strict quality control, focused in social and enviromental aspects.


To be the leading in producing, processing, quality control and marketing specialty coffee in the local and international market. Guaranteeing the consumer in the different types of coffee (variety, green, roasted, etc) always the special quality of our tradition.

Coffee Estate

The farm is located in the municipality of La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Having coordinates N15 33.895 W91 56.493, it has a total extension of 720 ha, of which 470 is a natural rainy forest which surrounds the coffee plantation, thus forming an ideal micro-climate for the cultivation. The coffee plantation is located at an altitude of from 4800 to 6500 f.a.s.l. with an average temperature of 18°C to 22°C, a rainfall of about 1500 to 2000 mm. per year, and a relative humidity of 55 to 80%.

Other Products

We also work in other types of plantings and activities, to a lesser scale, but always important for the environmental and economic sustainability of the farm, and these are:

Wet Mill

The picking of the coffee seeds is made by hand, picking only the beans that have reached an optimum maturity level. Defective beans are separated in water tanks. The flesh or pulp of the coffee beans is removed every day. Afterwards the coffee is taken to special tanks lined with glazed tiles, waiting the time that is required to obtain the point of natural ferment.

After that the coffee beans are washed with natural clean water, the coffee is soaked in clean water for 24 hours before exiting to the pre-drying processes in the patios.

Dry Mill

This activity is ended with the use of Guardiola-type coffee dryers which function at a maximum temperature of 45°C (122°F), taking the bean to an average humidity of between 10.5 to 11.5%. For special varieties we use 100% patios or African beds.

Here the coffee is named Parchment coffee and is packed in jute bags, identified with labels that specify batch number, coffee variety, picking date, picking area, and thus assuring the traceability of each coffee bag.

EL INJERTO has the special equipment necessary for the transformation of parchment coffee to green coffee. This process allows the direct export of the coffee to other countries.

During the transformation from parchment to green coffee, the coffee passes through different machinery for a special classification for weight, sizes and density.

After this the coffee is tasted one last time, thus finishing a strict quality control which is carried out from the seed to the export of the green coffee.


At El Injerto we know that the human resource is extremely important and that if our personnel have an improved physical and mental health, they work better and obtain better income for their families. That is why we worry about the well-being of each one of our employees and their families.

We provide them with induction in cultural tasks, protection equipment, industrial safety shops, machinery use courses, computer courses, personal hygiene and home hygiene shops, etc. We also program medical and dental journeys, and medicines and drugs are donated to alleviate common diseases.



All the power used in the housing dwellings and in the coffee processing is produced by two hydroelectric generating plants that produce together almost 300 KW with a minimum of pollution. All the water used in the coffee processing is circulated again, passing through special filters and sent to oxidation ponds to be cleaned by sedimentation. Efficient micro-organisms and limestone are added to finish the treatment.

The coffee parchment is utilized for the ovens of the dryers, this parchment is the skin removed from the parchment coffee when obtaining green coffee. This parchment is highly flammable, maintaining the ovens at the required temperatures. This helps us save almost 70% in the use of firewood for the ovens. In like manner, the farm is concerned about reforestation, during the last years more than 25 hectares have been planted with native species.



The farm is sub-divided into areas. Each area identified with name, extension, type of coffee variety planted, type of soil, etc., with the purpose of having a better handling of the plantation in accordance with nutritional needs of each variety and soil. The entire plantation is under shadow using different tree varieties (Inga spp.; Gravillea robusta and Macadamia integrifolia) and canopies.

Thanks to the special micro-climate and agricultural practices implemented on time, the plantation is maintained very healthy, thus avoiding the use of insecticides and fungicides.

The area planted with coffee at EL INJERTO is planted in about 60%, with a natural mixture of the varieties Catuai and Bourbon, these being the oldest varieties. Another 30% is occupied with the variety Bourbon, another 8% by variety Pacamaras and the remainder 2% is planted with Maragogype.


Cup of Excellence

2nd Place. Year 2004 (Bourbon)
3rd Place. Year 2005 (Bourbon)
1st Place. Year 2006 (Bourbon)
1st Place. Year 2008  (Pacamara)
1st Place. Year 2009 (Pacamara)
1st Place. Year 2010 (Pacamara)
3rd Place. Year 2011 (Maragogype)
1st Place. Year 2012 (Pacamara)
1st Place. Year 2013 (Pacamara)
2nd Place. Year 2014 (Pacamara)
1st Place. Year 2015 (Pacamara)

Competencia Nacional de Baristas Guatemala 2011

1st Place. Jose Miguel Echeverria
(Barista El Injerto)

Exceptional Cup

4th Place. Year 2004
6th Place. Year 2005


Exportador Del Año 2011

SCAA Cofee Of The Year

2nd Place. Year 2004



The focus on environmental, social and process aspect the farm is certified by Rainforest Alliance since 2007 with a score above 95 points every year.

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