protocolo para catación

Protocols for a special reserve

Cupping is not an easy task. Cupping the very best of a specific variety is even more complex. The Specialty Coffee Association of America cupping and descriptor forms were used to determine the best samples to be tendered in El Injerto´s Reserva del Comendador.

A panel of six professional cuppers was selected for this complex task. First of all, a calibration session was done cupping a reference sample of a standard SHB and two different Huehuetenango SHB coffees. The goal was to identify characteristics desired to be found in Huehuetenango coffee´s profile. Then, the fun began.

Nine parcels of El Injerto Pacamara and regions with five varieties (Bourbon, Maragogype, Geisha Central America, Geisha Ethiopia and Mocca) were divided in blind cupping sessions. All of them were sampled during the first, second and third picks. Four cupping sessions were done:

  • First session: Samples from the same variety and from different picks were cupped in order to select the very best lots.
  • Second session: Samples from different regions and varieties processed natural and semi-washed were also cupped to select the best lots.
  • Third session: All coffee samples from all regions and varieties were cupped to identify higher scores.
  • Fifth session: and last but not least, if you have registered as a bidder, we will send you the set of selected samples that will be offered on line. Your discerning palate will decide which one of these lots deserves to be featured as a special reserve in your own retail shop.
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